About the Learning Centre

What is a Learning Centre? 

A learning centre is a place to provide a safe environment for children to enhance their learning. It aims to provide tutoring for all grade of students by qualified teachers in a favourable environment. It will offer support for homework after day classes and provide extra-curricular activity classes like song, dance, gaming, trying to build confidence and communication skills in the children. A learning centre is also a place where the elders of the community will be taught basic education and use of modern technology. We want to create in a learning centre somewhere the children will be provided a proper educational platform, more than that which the basic education in the village school can provide. We want them to dream of becoming doctors’ engineers etc. We also aim to educate the elders of the community about the modern era and its technology and help them learn about modern agricultural methods and technologies. We want to encourage a healthy life style and recreational and social activities.

Why is it called Nagarjun Learning Centre?

Joe’s parents, Ganesh and Bimala call their home in Kathmandu Nagarjun Homestay.

It is used as a base for the French and Dutch scout volunteers who come each summer for experience, excitement and to help the local children with their education.

Nagajuna was an Indian Buddhist thinker who is widely considered one of the most important Buddhist philosophers. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest thinkers in the history of Asian philosophy.

Who will use the Learning Centre? 

Where is the Saldum Nagarjun learning centre and what does the area look like?

Can you help support this amazing project and change lives?