Birthday Party in Nepal

Before I went on my Annapurna trek Sam and Joe took me to one of their earlier learning centres.

It was nothing solid like the Nagarjun centre. It looked as though a strong gale would blow it away.

We met a few children one of whom said she was age 8 in a few weeks.

I spoke to Sam and asked what we could do to give a little celebration when I came back from my trek.

She said that to avoid jealousy it would be best to do something for all the kids.

For £200 we planned a birthday party and got the girl a birthday dress , lots of food, some hoola hoops, badminton equipment, hats, basketball hoop and balls. We also got them some folders for school work, pens etc etc. Sam cooked all the food with help from some parents.
Many parents, mostly mothers, came to the party with their children.

Did the little girl like her dress?

Did the children like the food?

Was it worth doing?

The video answers the questions.

Look at the childens faces.

There is nothing you could do in the UK which would give so much happiness for that money.

There is nothing I ever did which was such good value for money.

Can you help support this amazing project and change lives?