January 2022

Daily meals for children

Starting 1st January 2022 the Nagarjun learning centre is providing a daily warm meal for all the children attending for classes.

Daily meals for children at the Nagarjun learning centre, Nepal. Help4nepal provides funding from donations for each child attending the Nagarjun learning centre.

The video shows some children arriving for classes, cooking of food and children eating.


Delivery of supplies to the Nagargun Learning Centre

Shreejan (Joe) Simkhada went to Kathmandu to get supplies and returns with food, cooking utensils, heavy duties batteries and building materials to start work on construction of a covered dining room extension for the learning centre.

IT Equipment and Services in the Nagarjun Learning Centre

As of January 2022:

  • Internet/wifi
  • Five units –Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A40 celeron laptop computers
  • Two units-  Lenovo laptop computers. One thinkpad C13 V24.
  • One unit-Epsom 3110 printer
  • One unit -Bing projector  MS 550

Free lateral flow testing for children

The Nagarjun learning centre is being used starting January 2022  to carry out free lateral flow testing for children attending classes and local adults and children living locally.

December 2021

Christmas Party at the Nagarjun Learning Centre

Funds were donated through help4nepal  for the Nagarjun learning centre to organise and host a christmas meal/party for local families.

This video shows the  preparation and serving of the food and the villagers enjoying the meal and conversation and some dancing.

The party also gave the local people a chance to see the facilities in the learning centre.


October 2021

Free Health Camp

The Nagarjun learning centre hosted a 3 day health camp attended by over 300 villagers who sometimes walked  3-4 hours to reach the site. The health camp was organised by Shreejan Simkhada and Shamjhana Basukala, volunteer doctors and nurses and other volunteers. Patients were diagnosed and treated for a range of medical conditions and a few patients were transferred to hospital. Medicines were received as donations from multiple sources.
This was the first formal event to take place in the newly built Nagarjun Learning Centre in Saldum Village, Nepal.


Third day of the health camp. Chance for the younger children to get advice and treatment.

September 2021

Video – electrical supplies and computer projector room.

The learning centre now has electrical power and a back up petrol generator. The computer room has adequate power sockets and it is proposed to buy the learning centre 8 laptop computers for use in the room shown.


Video – art work on the walls.

The inside and outside of the building were attractively decorated with art work by volunteers during the summer of 2021.

Video – Carpentry.

A carpenter from Austria called Christian came and did some very valuable jobs in relation to the doors and windows, the kitchen and the loft space.

Can you help support this amazing project and change lives?