Our Mission


To make a sustainable impact on the education of children and adults in rural areas, providing a platform with all required materials to enhance individual capabilities and skills, provide interest and thus minimizing the dropout rate of students. Through an awareness programme on the environment, health, education, we want to empower the people in rural Nepal and improve the quality of life.


To upgrade the socio-economic status of rural marginalized people, assisting them to fulfil their basic requirements and supporting them to generate income by providing skill-oriented training.


  • To supplement the state education system by providing extra classes before or after school.
  • To create a favourable and supportive learning environment.
  • To support the education of economically weak families.
  • To promote a healthy and socially responsible lifestyle to  students.
  • To develop extra curriculum activities.
  • To organise different awareness programmes to support people in the Ganga jamuna area.
  • To organize health camps.
  • To provide a village resource for social and business meetings and ad hoc courses.
  • To encourage adults and children to be creative and ambitious.
  • To provide school materials for needy families (pencils, books, paper)
  • To use volunteer/experts from both inside and outside of the country to share knowledge and experiences.
  • To encourage English language proficiency and fluency.
  • To provide materials and facilities for sport and recreation and develop the area for outdoor sports.
  • To provide ad hoc courses where possible on topics of interest, for example birth control, anti-trafficking, ant-smoking or self-defence classes for women.


Children will be allowed to learn at their own pace and to a level which fosters critical thinking and develops problem solving skills. The role of teachers would be as facilitators to counsel and motivate students according to their personal situation and needs. We will appoint special experts and trainers in different fields to provide specific training as needed.

Can you help support this amazing project and change lives?