State Schools in Nepal

What are the normal State Schools like in Nepal?

This video was taken at the secondary school in Nepal where Joe’s mother Bimala Simkhada is Principal and where she has worked for over 20 years.

Bimala is a very educated, travelled and intelligent woman and has written several books.

You will see the facilities of the school are quite basic by comparison to the UK.

Half the computers needed repair.

Many of the children are from poor homes and come to school hungry. See the basic kitchen they use to feed them so they can concentrate on their studies.

See the optimistic young children hoping to go on to further studies.

Hear Joe explain that he came from a poor area and used to attend the same school.

He empathises with the children which is why he is a good person to know what the learning centres should provide.

This school was in the capital city Kathmandu in an area not badly affected by the 2015 earthquake.

State schools in many rural areas were destroyed.

Hence the need for learning centres to add to the state provision.

Bimala has indicated a wish to advise on issues related to the Nagarjun learning centre and to help choose staff to teach and monitor their performance.

She is well qualified to do that.

I am confident that Sam and Joe and Bimala know what is required to help the children in the Saldum area and would make the most of any resources made available. Bimala and Joe are supported by their father Ganesh Simkhada.

Can you help support this amazing project and change lives?