Shamjhana Basukala

Bachelor in travel and tourism management, computer training skill (basic and advanced course).

Teaching: Maths, Science,Health and Environment and other school course book 1-8.

Other duties- Managing all the equipment of the learning centre. Organising extra curriculum activities in the learning centre. Giving computer training to children and teachers from the government school. Organising meetings with parents at the end of each month. Organising course and student documentation and sanitation program.

8 hrs. per day.


Rojina Koju

Masters in Rural Development (In progress)

Teaching: Maths, Science, Health and Environment, computers, careers, Nepali, English and school course book for class 1-8. Also runs class for teachers from Salmetar Basic School.

8 hrs. per day.



Janak Simkhada

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Teaching: Science and Mathematics for9 class to high school (12).

6 hrs. per day.