What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is one of the world’s main religions with over 540 million followers worldwide.

In Nepal about 10% of the population are Buddhist.

By contrast in neighbouring Tibet (now a province of China) most of the people are Buddhists.

The spiritual leader of Tibet is called the Dalai Lama and has very devoted followers

In 1959 he moved to India accusing the Chinese of trying to supress Buddhism in his country.

He travels the world giving lectures on Buddhist philosophy and emphasising its relation to human rights and freedom of expression.

His teachings are designed to help people be happier with themselves and their place in the world.

Buddhism is basically a way of explaining how a person should behave to be happy himself and to make others happy.

They do not believe in (A God) in the sky but worship the Buddha for his wisdom in telling them the best way to lead their lives.

One takeaway message from Buddhism is that direct attempts to make oneself happy by wealth, lifestyle,luxury and excess often do not make people happy.for very long.

This video clip has 10 of the main Buddhist beliefs.

By contrast, doing things for others is better for the soul and more likely to lead to happiness.

Guilt is a negative reason for charitable activities. A more positive reason is that it is good for you own soul and will make you happy to benefit others.

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