Buddhist Monastry

With Sam and Joe at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastry

Sam and Joe took me to stay one night at a large Tibetan Buddhist Monastry in the hills. This video shows some of the conversations we had.

You will hear Sam describing her education and her work setting up a chain of learning centres. You will hear her describe problems with one learning centre near the border with India. The area proved too lawless.

She also describes graphically the fate of boys and girls from poor areas when they can’t get an education and their parent’s give up. Boys can sometimes wind up, at age 15, working long hours in a brick factory and it is only too easy for girls to be trafficked for bad reasons to India.

Many fathers are absent because they have to get work in India or the Middle East to support their families. Alcohol can be a problem when people are in despair.

A little bit of ability to do basic maths, read and write and speak English can give them new opportunities. Domestic violence is not iuncommon and self defence classes for women are likely to be of interest.

Education is the key to a better life for people in rural Nepal.

The state sector, badly afffected by the 2015 earthquake can only provide the very basics and this may not give gifted children the help them need. Learning centres, properly run can add meaning and ambition to boring lives.

Can you help support this amazing project and change lives?